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Custom Cabinets in Montgomery, AL

The city of Montgomery, Capitol of Alabama since 1841, is known for its rich cultural history and heritage. There is Fort Toulouse-Fort Jackson Park, where you can experience a partially restored fort and Indian settlement with reenactments. Visitors will also enjoy The National Memorial for Peace and Justice followed by a meal at Central, an upscale American-style restaurant, or Martin’s Restaurant for some down-home southern food.

And just as there is so much to see and do in town for visitors, A Better Closet – Birmingham offers residents of the Montgomery area several custom built storage options.

What are Custom Cabinets?

Before we get started, it is important to know that custom cabinets give you the ability to decide what you need to maximize the use of your storage space. As far as cabinetry styles go, there are actually three basic cabinetry styles for you to think about:

  • Stock cabinets come from the factory in pre-established sizes and layouts. This can be great for a smaller budget installation but will pose challenges if any of your measurements are different than the stock specifications. 
  • Semi-custom cabinetry is very similar to stock cabinetry. If you have a basic layout but want deeper cabinets, shallower drawers, or more counter space, you may be able to work with the slight customizations offered by semi-custom cabinets. 
  • Custom cabinetry lets you work with a contractor to measure your space and discuss your specific needs. This can be to modify cabinets that you already have installed or to build brand new, perfect-for-you cabinets. The cabinets take longer to install and are more expensive, but in the end, you get exactly what you want and need.

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Montgomery, Alabama Custom Closets

When shopping for a contractor for your custom build, consider quality and your budget to choose the best option for you. During this phase you may also wonder how to choose a closet organizer. Well, you can purchase stock closet organizers, just like kitchen cabinets, and work with what you get. Or you can work with a storage expert to design your space to fit your needs and wants. Have you also wondered if you really need closet systems? 

The best way to answer that is for our customers to remember that an effective closet can be used without extra thought, effort, or organization. Do you need a tie? To your left, in a row. One of your cocktail dresses? Hung neatly beside the door with your dress shoes in custom cubbies beside them. Is there a place for your jewelry box? There can be with a custom closet. 

As for a design closet with measurements, whether you have small closets designed by a minimalist or gigantic walk-in closets that your daughter could use for her class sleepover, custom closets are not limited by the designs already available for your measurements, they are only limited by your budget and imagination.

Types of Closet Organizers

Valet rods, shelving units, hanging bags, and stacks of shoeboxes can only get you so far before they start getting messy and overwhelming. A custom-built closet provides sturdy, organized solutions for your belongings. For instance, with wood closet organizers, a built-in made to match the wood and paint colors in your home blends into the decor that you have and is visually pleasing. And the permanence of a wood closet organizer means you won’t have to worry about toppling stacks of boxes from a wire shelf above your head. 

If you have asked yourself, “How can I find someone to build custom closets near me?” be sure to check reviews and do your research about their work, when looking for a closet contractor in your area. Find a builder who can give you quality work the first time around and who will give you a warranty for repairs.

Montgomery, Alabama Home Organization

There are plenty of options for closet organization in Montgomery, from professional organization consultants to custom closet builders. Which professional you choose and how you organize your home will depend on your budget and how often you want to reorganize.

What does it mean to organize your home?

When you have visual clutter, items without storage, and stuff getting lost all the time, it causes you to waste time and energy overcoming these issues. In your home this is overwhelming and causes additional stress in your life. Organizing your home removes unnecessary stress so that you can focus on the things that matter and find solutions for issues that are bigger than “where are my shoes today?”

What are home storage solutions?

Home storage solutions give you the ability to control your environment and know where to find whatever you are looking for… unless your kids left it behind the couch again instead of putting it away. 

How to Get Organized at Home

The first step to getting organized at home is knowing what you have. If you’re moving into a new home, this can be simple, but if you’re buried in the clutter from years of living in your current home, you may want to declutter first.

Storage shelves

Open-fronted so you can see what’s there, storage shelves are a great option for grab and go in a closet, items in boxes in the garage, and books or more decorative items in the living room. And don’t forget the pantry!

Storage cabinets

For those messier stacks of paint cans, pots, pans, or toy bins, a storage cabinet gives a polished, simple exterior while allowing you to keep things handy.

Storage ideas for garage

In a small garage, floating shelves can be built above your head for extra storage with a floor-to-ceiling cabinet or shelving unit at the back. Or if your garage is big, there’s room for custom shelving, counters, cabinets and drawers.


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At A Better Closet, we have more than 30 years experience building custom storage solutions. We offer style, quality, and selection for every type of decor, and our customers know they can rely on our prompt work and high standards. We have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and we work to always put our customers first.

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