Better Home Organization Begins With A Better Closet!


At A Better Closet, we design custom storage solutions to match your family’s lifestyle – and your home’s décor. Because each room is special to you, we offer a variety of finish options to compliment every room of your home: Antique White, Hardrock Maple, Summer Flame, Chocolate Pear and more.

If misplaced shoes and crumpled shirts have you crawling back in bed, you need the Five Star treatment. We make facing your busy morning routine a dream – come true. Elegant islands, valets, racks, drawers, organizers and more: Why wait? Ask about A Better (Bedroom) Closet today!


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Has unruly piles of garden tools, sports equipment and unused junk taken over your garage? Enlist our help. Let us reveal the storage potential in your garage with a Better Closet’s garage storage system. Transform the garage into a functional room designed for different tasks. Whether you are envisioning a better functioning workshop or a more organized area for your tools, our garage storage system can offer space-saving solutions for your garage.


Can’t find your tools? Let us tailor your garage so that drills, hammers and nails will be easily accessible. Are the sports equipment crammed in the corner? From cabinets, to bins, to adjustable shelves we can create a custom garage storage system that will optimize storage to organize your golf clubs, helmets and bikes. Let our garage storage system surprise you by how much gear you can accommodate into just a few feet of space. You will never have to doubt where to look again because everything will have a place of its own in the garage!


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Has loose papers, bills and office clutter taken over your home office? Whether your home office at home is a computer niche off in a corner or a full-blown study with cabinets, multiple work surfaces, and extensive file storage, we can create a home office organization system that will work for you.


We can customize storage for your home office to accommodate a printer, fax, scanner, computer tower, and files all hidden by attractive and efficient cabinets. Need shelves and bookcases? Not a problem. At a Better Closet, we will custom your home office to max out available space so that unused space becomes a super-functional organized home office. When planning your home office organization, make sure that you call our specialists to ensure adequate storage for all your office storage needs. Your home office should work smart to help get the job done and we’ll help you keep it organized.


A well-organized pantry equals less time spent looking for ingredients and equipment when you’re ready to cook! Banish wayward pantry ingredients with full extension pull outs, Lazy Susan spinning racks and other handsome organizing fixtures. Imagine an organized pantry where snacks, spices and dry goods to all entertaining needs. We’ll take your pantry essentials-cookbooks, pots, glassware and dishes into consideration and design an organized pantry storage system that will function to fit your family’s needs. Both prep and cleanup is easier when your pantry and kitchen cabinets aren’t overstuffed. Why be tight on space when we can help you organize? Let a Better Closet install a pantry organizer system to boost the room’s functionality and make the most of your pantry by converting wasted space into more storage space.


Wrinkle in your plans? While freshly washed clothes are divine, laundry rooms are sometimes less so – making hanging, folding and transporting a chore. Hanging racks, shelves and built ins keep laundry rooms – and clothing – neat and tidy. Ask A Better Closet to iron out your laundry room troubles today!


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